Mar 16

Why vintage accessories?


We all want to be unique rather than ordinary. No one wants our home looking like everybody else's. To create your own personal flare we suggest you add personal decor and accessories, that you have picked out. Just because you are you. Items brought back from a trip or a unique piece found at Möbler. In the Scandinavian countries we create our uniqueness and character by mixing new with old. That is the prettiest and easiest way to get a look filled with character.


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  • Interior designing is an art that reflects personal affinity, certain ideas and lifestyles that people engage themselves in enthusiastically. What we put and how we put our home together, from the large sofa to the smallest ceramic accessories, speaks volumes about us as individuals. Accessories showcase the essence that someone live by, offering a glimpse into who we are. Expressive, ordinary or unique. We believe our decor set the flair, the You in your home. Secondly interior accessories bring out happy and creative thoughts in people. Likewise, choosing the right accessories and décor can create the right mood and energise the space we spend our time.