Jul 21, 2018

Do like us - Add character with vintage


Edited: Jul 21, 2018

As mentioned, there are not a single home in any blog or magazine in Scandinavia that does not bring in some extra soul with items that has a unique story to tell.

See the perfect mix above. Modern sofa and rug, combined with lovely table of reclaimed wood, surrounded by vintage chrome chairs (we love chrome).

- Vintage pieces takes away the predicability of a space; it surprises and astonishes.

- Vintage pieces creates a feel and look of uniqueness, the owner knows he/she is the only one with that specific design, we feel special.

- Purchasing vintage is also the most sustainable choice of furniture. 1/1000 of the energy is required to refurbish and send items to Asia, compared to create a new piece of wooden furniture.

Imagine that kitchen without that stunning leaf table of 100 years. The contrasts in this kitchen are perfect.

Back home we mix old authentic designs in combination with modern, either designer pieces or IKEA. You can always find items with a story to tell, vintage pieces certainly adds an instant Scandinavian character to your home.


We would never stress to furnish a space with only our items, but add a few items, to lift the level of character. See below; instead of a common bed side table, use an antique chair.



At Möbler, we focus on vintage and antique Scandinavian pieces - bringing a touch of character that equally reflects the well-worn charm of Nordic homes. Sourced and handpicked in Sweden by us, sisters Emelie and Ellen, each Möbler item holds it's own history - and no two pieces are the same.

If you want advice: Upload a photo, together with your question, and we will be right with you - Helping you in creating the right Scandinavian look.