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"What you furnish your home with says a lot about your personal style, interests, and passion. The furnishings become art forms that essentially make a statement about who you are and the outlook you possess." - Emelie 

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MÖBLER - Creating the future 

Mobler vintage furniture
Mobler vintage tables and lamps

Möbler - Scandinavian Vintage. Here heralds an era of stylish home décor, that is very much unique, exhibiting character and true Scandinavian personality. With only 1/100 carbo foot print, compared to the rest of the over-consuming furniture and decor industry, Möbler highly prides themselves being the first, and setting the tune for the rest of the world. Each and every vintage piece of the Möbler collection is specially, carefully sourced and hand-picked in Sweden by Emelie Hedén, the founder of Möbler, and her sister Ellen. The worn patina of a bygone age, as presented to you, is therefore of guaranteed authenticity.

The passion and love for beautiful old furniture has been with the two sisters, Emelie and Ellen, since childhood. Having spent summers at their family's country house, one furnished with grandma's well-kept vintage pieces from the 1800s, surrounded by picturesque barns filled with treasures, both girls grew to appreciate, adore and restore vintage furnishings.

Already in 2009, Emelie dreamt of setting up Möbler. After years of striving, with passion, conscious decisions made and determination, she reached her goal in 2016. Since then, Möbler has grown to be the well-known brand in Asia Emelie for very long had visioned. This success, however, could not have been achieved without the support of her younger sister Ellen. 

Every single beautiful item is truly one of a kind, both literally and otherwise, in that no two pieces are the exact same, and that each product possesses its own uniqueness, charm, and patina. And therein lies its exclusivity and brilliance. 

"I love how every piece we have has its own special history and story," Emelie enthuses. "At Möbler, you're not simply buying a piece of furniture – you’re buying its curiously fascinating life trajectory and narrative too."                                                                                       

Emelie Heden Mobler CEO and Founder
Ellen Heden Partner and Creative Director Mobler
Emelie Hedén


By bringing to people the possibility of building a home that exhibits uniqueness and character, we at Möbler aim to have more and more people appreciate the beauty and shine of vintage home décor and furniture. 

Ellen Hedén


We aspire to change the conventional ways of looking at interior design in Asia, and hope to guide and inspire consumers to see the charm in mixing old furniture with the new, Scandinavian-style.

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