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1950’S Murano Glass. Vintage Fulvio Bianconi. SEGUSO POLI BARBINI. Studio Art Glass.


A piece of vintage Italian art-glass from the Murano region. I’ve held onto this one for several years hoping to find a definitive maker. I believe it was done by Fulvio Bianconi. He first did these designs with holes during the late 1940’s and carried them through into the early 1950’s. I believe this came a bit later (maybe later 50’s)- it’s a lot more sophisticated than the early ones I saw online. There is no signature but I’m certain it’s a piece of vintage Murano but by whom I’m not so certain. One thing is for sure though- this style of design is ridiculously rare and must be near impossible to do by hand (it’s obvious this is a HAND-MADE piece).

I’ve Googled the internet for ages and found very few like this. One of the Bianconi pieces I found on-line was on 1st Dibs for US $5000- US$5000 was average for this style, many were more (the US$5000 one has been included in the photos above). The colour is distinctly mid-century Murano particularly with the clear base.

This is one you won’t see again- guaranteed to be HAND-WORKED and vintage. An exceptional Murano artist piece that will mesmerize you for many years. The thing is good art never goes out of fashion- it only becomes more prized as time goes on.

1950’S Murano Glass. Vintage Fulvio Bianconi. SEGUSO POLI BARBINI. Art Glass.

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  • Height:  23

    Width: 13

    Depth: 9