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The Reijmyre glassworks were founded in 1810 by Johan Jacon Graver. They produced mainly pressed and engraved glass, as well as some art glass. By 1900, it was the leading glassworks in Sweden. In 1908, Alf Wallander and Axel Enoch Boman, joined Reijmyre. Wallander and Boman designed glass in Art Nouveau styles, trying to emulate its famous French examples like Gallé and Daum. From 1937 until 1958, Monica Bratt was responsible for the design at Reijmyre. After Paul Kedelv left Flygfors, he joined Reijmyre in 1958 and designed free-flowing, organic glass much like his “Coquille” series. An example would be the “Harlequin” series her designed while at Reijmyre. In 1978, the ceramics company Uppsala-Ekeby bought Reijmyre.

Reijmyre glas/vase in red glass designed by Monica Bratt for Reijmyre