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Brass Candleholder - Producer Gusums Bruk - Sweden - 1900s
D6 H9

Gusums bruk; In 1653 – The two Walloons Henrik de Try and his brother-in-law Hubert de Besche buy the Gusum farm and found an ironworks with a blast furnace to cast cannons. Soon they also started works in brass. 1707, The Gusum Works takes up a new branch of manufacture; (press)buttons, hooks, buckles and the like. After adding pins, knifes to the manufacturing line the high-class casting begins, producing impressive armatures for lamps: church chandeliers, candelabra, candlesticks etc. which stopped in 1925. Between that time and until their closing in 1975 they were the biggest manufacturers of zip- fasteners in Sweden.

Brass Candleholder