Dec 7, 2018

Scandinavian Christmas tips four


4. Natural materials. Bring the outdoors inside with wood, moss, evergreens, pinecones, and other natural materials. Gather a tree branch and hang string lights. Stay away from glitter and plastic decor. Think neutral.


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  • 5. Pendant lights shaped as stars hangs in almost every window, or in ceilings. If you must use ceiling or floor lighting, make sure the bulbs are exterminating warm light. Fluorescent light is forbidden all year round, but even punishable over Christmas.
  • 3. Our Scandinavian hearts are pounding a bit extra for a Christmas that goes in red, green and goldy brass. These are colors that never disappoint, that always brings warmth and joy. The greyness of warm wool is also welcome, the frost dark blue sometimes adds a contrast.
  • 2. Invest in a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree "julgran" came to Sweden in the early 1800s and since then it has been a natural addition in every home. We hang baubles in typically red and gold, angels and stars. And please get a real tree, not plastic.