Sep 24, 2018

9. No empty walls


Going back to the need for accessories in Scandinavia. Be proud of your stories, may it be photographs or memories from journeys. Even creations. The walls give you an opportunity to present yourself. Show your specific uniqueness and create warmth.  



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  • Please avoid florescent light, both the built-in lights and bulbs. With a softer warm light the feeling in the room will be more homely. We seldom use bulbs starker than 40W. And regarding flowers, never ever use artificial plants. Get the real deal. Bring nature in. 
  • Get real wooden flooring, or tiles. Yet again, focus on the authentic. And bring nature in. Yes, it might cost you a little bit more, but it is worth it. The most common parquet in Scandinavia is the "herring bone". See wrong and right below. We are sure you can see the difference. 
  • A plain empty floor gives a cold look that is impersonal and alienating. Singapore being a very hot country, it is not a matter of physical warmth, but emotional. Add rugs, in every room. Either a plain colored, a graphical colored or a persian. No matter what, it is a perfect way to add warmth to a room.