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The venue’s distinctive Scandinavian furnishing brought to life true Swedish interior décor, giving local Swedish expats a nostalgic hint of home.

Emelie, with Swedish Embassy Ambassador H.E. Håkan Jevrell, at The Projector

Singapore, February 20, 2017 – The annual 4-day Swedish Film Festival that ran from 16 to 19 February this year saw the attendance of both 

Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike, with the latter group comprising largely of Swedish working expatriates in Singapore. 

The anticipated event, held by the Embassy of Sweden, the Swedish Institute, and The Projector, was successful in bringing both film and culture enthusiasts together in conversation. Throughout the four days, works of the renowned Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson rolled in the old movie theatre, attracting many who were interested in his introspective take on the human condition and existence.

In adherence to the Swedish theme, the cinema was also given a makeover. Möbler Singapore, the sponsor for the event’s furnishings this year, decorated the venue with Scandinavian vintage and antique furniture. Impressed by the transformation of the theatre’s interior, Swedish Embassy Ambassador H.E. Håkan Jevrell thanked Möbler for the hard work and commented that “it sure feels like coming home, to the living room”.

Likewise, the overall feedback from the event’s attendees was highly positive. Throughout the span of the film festival, many remarked on the coziness of the venue and expressed interest in the uniqueness of the interior décor.

“If only The Projector can look like this every day,” quipped Jim Leong, 24.

The most enthusiastic of the attendees were the local Swedish expats, who, like the Swedish Ambassador, said that the Swedish furnishings and décor of the cinema gave them a nostalgic sense of home.

“Seeing this, it reminds me of my home back in Stockholm,” said Erik Stenberg, 32, a Swedish banker. “I do miss the feeling of home a lot, and this setup definitely brings back memories.”


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Emelie Hedén, CEO & Founder of Möbler:; +65 9882 5320


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About Möbler: Having opened its first outlet in Singapore August 2016 at 10C Jalan Ampas, Möbler’s Swedish vintage concept brings a new era of stylish home décor with a unique character that is dramatically different. Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of blending new furniture with old, Möbler (which means furniture in Swedish) offers a range of beautifully crafted classic Scandinavian furniture, objects, lighting, décor and art for the first time in Asia. 

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