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An antique botanical lithographic poster from the Nordic Flora - Second edition 1922.


Depicting a plant commonly found in Sweden and the Nordic countries. The print is based on copper plates for botanical works from the 19th century, created by J W Palmstruch. It was botanist C Lindman who first printed these botanical jewels in 1905 and between 1917-1922 he himself contributed another 144 pictures. This poster thus refers to the second and original edition of "Images from the Nordic Flora", and differs slightly from the first, mainly on paper structure and fonts, but also linguistically when some plants have been updated with more modern names - and that some plants' designs have changed from in 1905.

Artist: C. A. M. Lindman Year of printing: 1922 Dimensions: About 15 * 23 cm

Condition: Very good. Beautifully authentic aged yellow matte paper, especially at the edges. There may be some stains or creases. See in detail on each picture. The color quality is very good and the paper is in a solid, completely and clean condition.


About the Artist: Johan Wilhelm Palmstruch was a Swedish artist and engraver and lived in Stockholm between 1770-1811. He was first active in the Swedish army and became captain, but a few years later he devoted himself to agriculture - and perhaps it was then that his botanical interest began to bloom seriously. In 1802 his large project "Swedish Botany" began to be printed. He also worked with "Swedish Zoology". Lindman subsequently corrected some of the prints and supplemented with 144 new motifs for the second edition.

An antique botanical lithographic poster from the Nordic Flora - Edition 1922