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The newly-established Scandinavian furniture store Möbler to be displaying selected pieces from its extensive collection of vintage furniture at the anticipated cultural event.


Singapore, February 13, 2017 – This year’s Swedish film festival, jointly presented by the Embassy of Sweden, the Swedish Institute, and The Projector – a local independent movie house– will see a first-time collaborator on board for its preparations – Möbler, a newly-opened Scandinavian vintage furniture company based in Singapore.

Held for the second year on this sunny island, the film festival aims to foster cultural exchange and encourage mingling and conversations among its attendees, by essentially creating a relaxed environment and atmosphere in which everyone would have a good time.

In hoping to spice the ambience up a notch, the two Swedish sisters (and founders) of Möbler decided to join the collaboration with the main organizers of the cultural event, by chipping in with the provision of additional furnishings for the venue. Some of the Scandinavian vintage pieces that would be displayed at the event include four early-1900s Gustavian-styled chairs, an 18th century Swedish drop-leaf table, a 1920s travel trunk, and a 1960s school map over Scandinavia.  

“As Swedish expats in Singapore, we’re definitely excited about the upcoming Swedish film festival. It’s not often in Singapore that we get to be in touch with our native culture, the culture most familiar and endearing to us,” says Emelie Hedén, founder and CEO of Möbler. “The film festival would see us showcasing vintage home décor with the mixing of old and new furniture, Scandinavian-style.”

As ardent lovers of vintage furniture and advocates of art and creativity, both Emelie and her sister Ellen believe that the furnishings of a home represent and exhibit its owner’s personality.

“What you furnish your home with says a lot about your personal style, interests and passion,” says Ellen. “The furnishings become art forms that essentially make a statement about who you are and the outlook you possess.”


The Swedish film festival 2017 will be held at The Projector on the 16th –19th February 2017. Further details of the event and its programs could be found at

Furniture pieces as displayed at the event by Möbler are also for sale.


For media inquires or requests for press interviews, please contact:


Emelie Hedén, CEO & Founder of Möbler:; +65 9882 5320


Ellen Hedén, Partner & Creative Director of Möbler:; +65 9882 5303





About Möbler: Having opened its first outlet in Singapore August 2016 at 10C Jalan Ampas, Möbler’s Swedish vintage concept brings a new era of stylish home décor with a unique character that is dramatically different. Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of blending new furniture with old, Möbler (which means furniture in Swedish) offers a range of beautifully crafted classic Scandinavian furniture, objects, lighting, décor and art for the first time in Asia. 

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